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Since 1987, we have delivered America's best fireworks, helping our customers put on amazing consumer fireworks displays.  Our factory direct buying makes it possible for you to buy fireworks online at the best wholesale prices.

We offer the best in firecrackers, 500 grams, bottle rockets, sparklers, artillery shells, sky lanterns, roman candles, multi-shot cakes, and other pyrotechnics. Spirit of '76 distributes the highest quality wholesale fireworks from these brands: Brothers Pyrotechnics, Cannon Fireworks, Firehawk, Mighty Max, Shogun, Winda, Sky Bacon, and '76 Pro Line. Buy wholesale fireworks today from Spirit of '76!


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76 Pro Line - 2016 New Item Preview!
Posted on November 11th, 2015

76 Pro Line

2015 Was a BIG year for the 76 Pro Line.  We introduced some spectacular new products and greatly expanded the Pro Use Only catagory.  The new FanSlices, FanSweeps, and SuperSweeps ( Specs Here ) were a big success, and we look forward to expanding upon these items in the future.   

For 2016 we are back to the basics with some spectacular new 200g & 500g cakes.  This is the MEAT of any great fireworks display.  Our goal with the 76 Pro Line is to provide HIGH quality effects with the ULTIMATE in precision and control.  

Click below to see a full summary of the new items and pre-production video (where available). 

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Halloween Sky Lanterns
Posted on October 27th, 2015

Fireworks are perfect for celebrating any holiday, and Halloween is no exception. To demonstrate, we took 12 Halloween sky lanterns (1/3 of a case) and lit them off at our favorite shoot site. Check out the video and pictures below!

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Whacky Tobacky Production
Posted on October 22nd, 2015

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